Astrid Dahl Website

The company:

Astrid Dahl Ceramics

The project:

To design a website to showcase all her incredible ceramic pieces. And I mean incredible!

Design decisions:

  • We opted for something clean and minimal so that the ceramic pieces would steal the show as opposed to any of the web elements
  • Navigation was key. Potential customers needed to clearly see collections of ceramics she has done before to make purchase decisions
  • Good photography also made the homepage a feast for the eye and a minimal designers dream.

The design process:

Astrid was so patient with me through this process. This was one of those jobs I did while I was studying and we took a really long time in putting it together. The final outcome was totally worth it though.

What the client had to say:

“I love it, Heidi!”

Take-aways from this project:

Label pieces as you go and keep your product photos in folders so that the design process is as smooth as possible.

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