Elolliphotography Business Card

The company:

Elollipop Photography

The project:

Making a fresh new business card that reflected the look & feel of her current website as well as the feminine feel of her brand.

Design decisions:

I decided to go with feminine watercolour florals to reflect the personal touch of her services as well as script fonts to give her business a sense of approachability.

The design process:

Originally we had designed a business card that was far different from this one. Although the client liked it at face value, we subsequently chose the look for her website and it was quite different. This was one of those jobs where the first design was a winner. Although we tweeked some of the photos on the from of the card,  everything else pretty much stayed the same. Win!

What the client had to say:

“I love them, Heids. They capture the feel of my business better than the first designs we did. yay!”

Take-aways from this project:

Make sure that all your printed and digital marketing media have a cohesive thread.

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