Yellowwoods Country Homestead Logo

The company:

Yellowwoods Country Homestead Cottage Bed & Breakfast

The project:

Setting the brand for this elegant yet homely bed and breakfast romantically tucked away in the most gorgeous garden in the in Midlands of KwaZulu Natal.

Design decisions:

  • The swirls of the logo are almost perfectly matched with the wrought iron gates about the property of Yellowwoods.
  • The font was chosen based on the existing signage on the property so that a clear link can be made between the logo and the property it advertises.
  • The word ‘Yellowwoods’ was emphasized as there are the most exquisite yellowwood trees on the site that are central to the appeal of the property.
  • Swirls and serifs gave a romantic feel to the logo- exactly what the client was going for.

The design process:

I am scared to admit it, but we didn’t make a single pixel’s change to this logo- the client was happy as soon as she laid her eyes on it.

What the client had to say:

“That is perfect, thank you. Matches the gate scrolls too!”

Take-aways from this project:

Matching the logo to the inherent appeals of the product or service can be a powerful communication tool.

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