Hello there! Welcome to the online home of Creationery where I get my best shot on letting you in on who I am and why what I do might be what you’ve been looking for.

My name is Heidi Ainsworth and I am passionate about crafting an online presence for your business through thoughtful social media management and beautiful websites to authentically & creatively build your brand and connect with your customers.

My services, in a nutshell:

  • Social media management: from consulting to putting together full management packages- I run your social media while you run your business.
  • Content creation: for your website or social media channels through styled shoots that are thoughtfully put together to position your brand perfectly in your market.
  • Building beautiful & functional websites: that shine the spotlight on your product offering or service and attract the right audience.
  • Branding & rebranding: giving your business an identity that positions your brand in just the right way and communicates all the right ‘feels’.
  • Website care plans: updating and maintaining your WordPress site so that your website can evolve with your business and stay current.
  • Corporate stationery: there’s nothing that says ‘I’d love to work with you’ like having a business card handy.

If it’s an in-depth expose you have come to this page for, the rest might interest you. If not, feel free to check out my services to see how we can work together. Or, click here if you would like to get hold of me.

The history of Creationery:

Fresh out of school, and all I knew was that I wanted to do something creative. So, I joined a creative team as an intern where – with no design or web knowledge at all – I was asked to create a website that needed fairly robust media capabilities. Through loads of trial and error, and having to design content for the website myself, my very first website was born- and I was hooked! Those three years as an intern saw me designing and maintaining some demanding websites with capabilities that were fairly sophisticated and target audiences that was broad and varied. An excellent challenge! I also completed a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing Management in those three years, somehow. And I loved it all.

Creationery started in 2015 as a side-line business while I was a student studying a BSc in Biology and Ecology. (Yes, I went back to varsity to get another degree out of my system!). Back then, I focussed my energy on creating wedding stationery, because my natural design preferences probably lean more towards feminine, clean and minimal design- but I love a challenge and being out of my comfort zone is usually where I find I grow most as a designer. Trying to be a student and meet customer demands was a really tricky balance. I got married in my second year of my BSc to a passionate dairy farmer and so we started that business too. I get a great balance of being behind a computer screen or behind a milking cow- I love it all!

Having now finished my degree, I have put my full energy behind Creationery and I am loving the freedom to be a designer on my own terms. Although I dip my toe in wedding stationery design every now and then for a friend or family member (I love that I can use my skills as a gift!), I am now focussing on digital marketing simply because I enjoy the challenge of a high impact, quick feedback game and I love keeping an audience on their toes. I also love meeting people who are honestly brilliant at what they do, but struggle to use the online tools to convey that brilliance online. Because I’m passionate about that- I am incredibly blessed to have a client-base that I get on really well with because of the value I am able to bring just because I have a different skillset to them; I can run their digital marketing while they run their business and that works really well for both of us. Win, win. (Win, win, win if you watch The Office).

If you have red this far, I am truly grateful. Connect with me on social media by using the sidebar- I’d love to hear if you can relate to my story!

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